Little Known Facts About Stair treads.

Stair treads non-slip StepTips Clear in the day & Glow in The Dark for Safety Non Slip Grip 15 Pack 4” x 24” Pre Cut Skid Strips Traction Non Abrasive PVC Free for Bare Feet Kids, Elders & Dogs.
Avoid dangerous and painful falls on stairs outdoor or indoor. The non-grit surface gives you no-slip traction for stairs, showers, entryways, ladders and boat decks so you and your loved ones can feel safe.
STAIR TREADS PREVENT SLIPPING ON STAIRS – Avoid dangerous and painful falls on stairs outdoor or indoor. Our 20 safety sticky step strips package 4 inch wide by 12 inch gives you no-slip traction for stairs, floors, stairways, wood walkways in the garden, showers, bathrooms, bathtub, entryways, ladders, wooden ramps (skateboard) and wet boat decks so you and your loved ones can walk feelling safe & protected.
EASY AND Discover More SECURE INSTALLATION - Easily installs on wooden steps, granite, marble and other smooth materials with no bubbles or gaps. The strong adhesive will stay securely in place once installed and shorter treads make it simple to install straight.
NO MORE STAINS – EFFORTLESS CLEANING Since the treads is completely Washable & grit free Non Abrasive textured, it will stay clean with no stains. Just clean the staircase as click resources you would clean the area around it; the treads will get clean and stay attached to the surface because it is water resistant. the strong adhesive will stay as is.
LIMITED SUPPLY – These Treads won't last at this introductory price! Compare to others with double the price, and they still won't match our quality!
WARRANTY – Simply return it for a full refund if you're unhappy with it for any reason. we have your back!

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Stair treads anti-slip treads will stay in place and are easy to clean; just clean the same way you clean the surrounding area.


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